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Nobody wakes up on a Saturday and says….”I can’t wait to use my whole day off to clean up this messy home!” 

We get it- we do! You’re busy, and it seems like every time you turn around, the floors need sweeping, the walls need dusting, and you just need a BREAK! You’ve got the kids running to and from practices and laundry piling up like there is no end in sight. The counters stay messy with science and art projects as well as cooking for dinner. No matter how much time the kids are at grandma and grandpa’s, it doesn’t seem like enough time to get done what you need. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning service might be an excellent fit for you. We understand that it isn’t always possible to do so. Here are some key things to do to keep your home Spotless.


Ugh! We know- it’s the worst. Dusting helps keep your air clear and won’t affect your allergies as much! Get a long-handled duster to get those pesky corners and on top of the cabinets. Those hard-to-reach places will accumulate dust and dirt to the point it is almost impossible to clean off. Consistently dusting will have your breathing more accessible, and it’ll be easier for you to clean.


Keeping your countertops clean is incredibly important! You’re constantly putting food and other items on your countertop. Your hands touch the countertops as well as your face and mouth. Germs transfer from one area to another faster than we realize- so it is essential to continually clean your countertops to keep your family safe and healthy. Not only that, but it will help when you are bringing in items from the grocery store to be able to place them on a clean surface before putting them in the pantry or refrigerator.


We’ve already covered the dusting and the countertops- but where does all that dust and dirt go? The floor! Therefore, sweeping and vacuuming daily or every other day is essential to keeping your home clean. If you have pets, there is dirt and mud from the outside, add kids on top of it, and you’re constantly tracking dirt in the home from shoes. When you vacuum and sweep, you don’t have to worry about dirt getting on your couch or in your bed. 


Luckily we no longer have to wash clothes by hand, so when you get an opportunity, throw some clothes into the washer to get them started, even if that is right before leaving for work. Suppose you get a chance to go home for lunch, drop by and throw those clothes in the dryer. Organizing and going through your laundry can be a hassle, so try to have separate laundry baskets for different items. You don’t want to wash the sports uniforms and practice clothes with the rest of the clothes, so have a particular place for those. That way, it can be ready for the next practice or game! Then when it comes time to wash your work clothes, you won’t have to worry about sweaty and dirty clothes mixed with your more excellent items.

These tasks can be time-consuming, but they are essential to keep your home clean. You don’t have to do each of these chores daily, but trying to get to them every other day will help keep your home clean and ready for anything. Not only will your home be cleaner, but you will feel better having the basics done so you can tackle other areas of your life.