Last weekend, I took a good look around my home, and I felt an overwhelming sense of panic
setting in.

I have four children — two of whom are old enough for sports and extracurricular
activities — who create a lot of dirty clothes. The other two are twin toddlers, so you can
imagine my laundry situation. Add to that the two highchairs with trays that always need
cleaning, the floors littered with crumbs, and the sink full of dirty dishes, and my panic seems
downright logical. I am a business owner, a mom, a wife, a friend: the responsibilities are never
ending. I know you sometimes feel the same.

I’m not planning to quit my job, or stop doing the laundry, or give up sleeping – so what’s a
busy mom to do? One option that is becoming much more common is hiring a housecleaning
company. But how can you know if it will fit into your budget? There are lots of choices out
there. You could choose a large franchise of a national chain, a friend or family member looking
to make a few bucks, or a locally owned small business. In a lot of ways, the small business
which is locally owned and operated is a great choice because they often have the flexibility of
scheduling, but they don’t have to charge those large company prices.

Most housecleaning companies offer free consultations with the owner or company
representative. This is your chance to have someone look at your home, discuss your wants
(and what you don’t want), and then offer you a price. Feel free to ask them if there are any
discounts available, or if the company is running any promotions at that time!

Some housecleaning companies charge by the hour, and others charge by the project, but
either way, you can lower your price by just asking them to tackle your most important chores
(or the ones you hate the most). For instance, Spotless, LLC offers completely customizable
cleaning checklists. None of our clients are the same, so we don’t treat them the same way.
Each one has their own priorities when it comes to cleaning house, whether that is budget,
frequency of appointments, or areas to completely skip. We have some clients who ask us to
only clean the main living areas, or to only clean the bathrooms and kitchen, or to rotate
cleaning the upstairs on one appointment and the downstairs on another. Other clients,
however, rely on Spotless to take care of their whole home every appointment, in order to
focus on what’s more important to them.

If you’re like me and sometimes look around your house wondering what you can do to bring
some calm back into it – consider talking to a housecleaning company. Find someone
trustworthy and reputable, because you can’t put a price on your family’s peace of mind. Then
talk to the company you choose about how to make the appointments fit best with your
budget. If that company happens to be Spotless, I’d be happy to help you bring some calm into
your chaos.

If you think of hiring a housecleaning company as a way to let you focus more on
your family, your career, or your relationship with your spouse, how can you not afford it? And
if you’re ready to enjoy a clean home without breaking a sweat, give us a call at Spotless, for
the polished home you’ve always wanted!

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