Are the dust bunnies in your home multiplying quicker than your Roomba can chase them?


Are you grossed out by your own shower (what is growing in that corner, anyway)?

Have you relied on Door Dash more often than you’d like to admit, because the crumbs in your kitchen are three weeks deep?

It might be time to consider hiring a house cleaning company! If you’ve never used a professional house cleaner before, you probably have quite a few questions. Most cleaning companies worth their weight in Windex will begin with an in-person consultation, and at that time, they might ask if you’d like to begin with a “deep cleaning.” Or, gasp, they might even recommend you begin with a deep cleaning. So, what does that mean?

First of all, don’t feel too bad about it. Unless you are routinely (like, every single week) and thoroughly cleaning your home, a professional house cleaning company is going to offer you a deep cleaning, so that they can start with a clean slate. This will mean slightly different things from one cleaning company to the next, but you can think of it as a good spring cleaning: a cobweb-banishing, under-the-couch scrubbing, throw-the-windows-open kind of cleaning. At the very least, the deep cleaning should include cleaning the blinds and baseboards, which might not be part of a “normal” housecleaning.

As the owner of a house cleaning company myself, I describe it to my clients like this: a “normal” cleaning usually includes dusting furniture, basic kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and vacuuming and mopping all floors. The “deep” cleaning, on the other hand, could include all of the above, plus cleaning the blinds, windows, baseboards, cabinets, inside kitchen appliances, or other thorough cleaning items the client requests.

Your next question might be, “Will a deep clean cost more than a regular cleaning appointment?” Does a color, shampoo, and blow out cost more than a simple trim? You bet your blonde highlights! A deep cleaning of your home will probably take two to three times longer than a regular maintenance cleaning will, so whether your house cleaning company charges by the job or by the hour, it will certainly be more expensive to receive a deep cleaning. Not only will it cost more, but an excellent job should make you consider tipping your cleaner as well.

What is the benefit of beginning your relationship with a professional house cleaning company with a deep house cleaning? Not only will you get to enjoy your home being the cleanest it’s been in years, but your cleaning company will be able to better maintain a clean home than if they were struggling each week with a not-quite-clean house. If you allow the cleaners (aka pay the cleaners) to go ahead and scrub your whole home, the future maintenance cleanings will be a breeze.

If cost is a concern, another option is to ask the cleaning company to do a deep cleaning on one room at a time. Not every company will offer this choice, but if they do, you can spread the cost out over several appointments. This is still preferable to a professional cleaning company rather than skipping the deep cleaning completely.

So, do you really need to ask your new house cleaning company to start with a deep cleaning of your home? No, you don’t absolutely have to. But you will really enjoy the drastic change in your house, and the cleaning company will really appreciate you letting them begin your new relationship with a clean slate. As Mikey’s older brother used to say, “Try it! You’ll like it!”